Nico Bulder (1898-1964) – World renowned Ex Libris creator, graphical artist, book illustrator, monument designer and painter, Hoogezand, The Netherlands.

Welcome to this online museum about the Dutch artist Nico Bulder (Oct. 29 1898 – Jan. 30 1964).

Born in Hoogezand, The Netherlands, his full name was Nicolaas Johannes Bernardus Bulder. Although he was a man of many talents, his craftsmanship in wood engraving and etching was especially outstanding. He was best known by his ex libris record. The goal of this website is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all art created by Nico Bulder. The realization of this goal may take awhile as Bulder’s art is scattered all over the world. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly check the “What’s New” tab to follow our progress. Our work is done in close cooperation with the following partners: Nico Bulder Stichting (Foundation), Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam (NL), Groninger Museum Groningen (NL), Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum Groningen (NL) and various contributing enthusiasts.

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Leo van de Vall
Atlanta, USA

“ZUN, WIEND EN WOLKEN”, 1959, illustration to the volume of poems by Jan Boer, Uitgeverij J. Niemeijer, Groningen.

Nico Bulder’s illustration to Jan de Boer’s volume of poems, 1959

The website is primarily organized by theme (ex libris, book illustrations etc.). Within the themes, we strive to organize by technique (painting, aquarelle, drawing, litho, etching, wood engraving, wood cut etc.). A good overview of the techniques used by Nico Bulder  is available by clicking here.

The article was originally written by Hendrik Veenhof in Dutch and translated by John Friedrichs. As Nico Bulder also created art that does not fit our selection of themes and to give you a timeline of his artistic development, we also added a chronological section.

As we progress, there may be temporary inconsistencies between the chronological section and the themed sections. Wood cuts are indicated by “X1”; wood engravings are indicated by “X2”.

Although we saved the art scans in a high resolution format offline, the pictures on the website are limited to 600 pixels square to allow for a balance between website responsiveness and display resolution. When you first go to a section, you will see an overview of thumbnails. Don’t be alarmed when the thumbnails show partly cut off illustrations. Click on the thumbnail to see the complete picture. At the bottom of the picture, you will see a bar with description, year and “Click for more info”. When you want to see the complete picture without the bar, click somewhere on the picture. When you want the bar back, click again on the picture and back and forth.

Apocalypse – The Four Horsemen are coming, 1955 – Click for more info.
Collection Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam (NL)
Apocalypse – The Four Horsemen have arrived, 1955 – Click for more info.
Collection Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam (NL)

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